The office building Apollo is part of the office complex Plaza Arena and is located in the center of Amsterdam South-East. Just like all the other office buildings of Plaza Arena, the office building Apollo appeals to the imagination. Apollo counts 9 floors in total. Underneath the building is a shared parking garage, which has more than 800 parking spots. The office building is on sight location on the Hondsrugweg and within an arms reach from the Arena Boulevard, which characterizes itself by the big number of restaurants and shopping opportunities. There is an childcare on the other side of the street and in a short while a few hotels will open their doors.

In the office building Apollo, we fully apply “Het Nieuwe Werken”. On the main floor Apollo offers the possibility to either have breakfast or lunch between 8.30 to 14.00 on business days. This is fresh, healthy and affordable at all times. Catering can be arranged on request for meetings, drinks, lunch or dinner in the restaurant or in office. Examples of the (head)quarters located within Apollo are: Paperlinx, Dolby International and Harman Kardon. Office building Apollo boasts energy label B.

Partial hire in Apollo is available from approximately 270 sqm. The rental price is €210,- per sqm per year, with additional VAT and service costs per sqm per year.
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Herikerbergweg 288
1101 CT Amsterdam Z.O.

About Plaza Arena

Plaza Arena is a complex of offices consisting of nine offices. These offices were all named after Gods inspired from the Roman mythology. The complex has a very convenient location in Amsterdam South-East